Corey Taylor Could See Slipknot Continuing With New Front Man If He Left



Slipknot front man Corey Taylor has had a tough year already, and Slipknot's new album, We Are Not Your Kind, isn't even out yet.

The singer had surgery on both of his knees this past winter, and then there was that incident with his man parts (which he almost certainly made up).

Twenty years of physically-grueling live shows have taken their toll on the 45-year-old, who recently admitted to Metal Hammer that he thinks his band has a future without him if the time comes. The ups and downs of Taylor's health haven't dimmed his creative motivation, but he suggested that the thought of moving on from Slipknot at some point crosses his mind with every new injury.

"It's gotten harder to do this," he conceded. "You think about when the end is. No one thought we'd be doing it 20 years later."

Taylor suggested that his accumulating scar tissue has forced him to consider a reality in which he's not able to continue as a member of Slipknot.

"I've thought about it before: if the right person came around and the guys were into it, then I'll just head off," he said. "We can't shortchange anyone."

Blabbermouth notes that this isn't the first time Taylor has mulled a future apart from Slipknot, which he joined in 1997.

In a 2016 interview, Taylor said he doubted he'd be able to withstand Slipknot's live shows far into his 50s, explaining at the time that he was "...just beat up, man. I mean, I might as well be 60 in Slipknot years, for Christ's sake."

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