Fender Unveils New Edition Of Jimmy Page's "Dragon" Guitar

The guitar that Jimmy Page used on Led Zeppelin's groundbreaking 1969 debut album has been recreated in the fourth and final edition that will be available to consumers.

Page's 1959 Fender Telecaster, which was originally a gift to him from Jeff Beck, was the guitar he used in his final years with The Yardbirds and in his early years with Zeppelin, including on the Led Zeppelin I album, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The Jimmy Page Artist Series was unveiled earlier this year with two limited-edition Fender Custom Shop master built versions, one modeled after the guitar's "Mirrored" version (which Page used in The Yardbirds) and the other modeled after the later "Dragon" version (which was the guitar's Led Zeppelin iteration).

Page himself laid hands on all 50 master built reproductions of the guitar, saying Fender "got it 110 percent right or 150 percent right."

Today, Fender is touting the more economically-priced production line versions of Page's Tele. Page advised Fender on the creation of the design to ensure the guitars were true to the spec of his original '59 Tele.

You can watch a demo of the Dragon Tele in the player above or here.

From the factory, the guitar was initially painted in white-blonde when it was built in '59. But after Page was gifted the guitar in 1966, he began customizing its sound and its appearance, initially adhering several circular mirrors to the guitar body before growing tired of the look in '67 and stripping off the original paint and hand-painting on the red, orange and green dragon design.

The dragon Tele was Page's number one guitar when it came to recording classics like "Communication Breakdown," "Dazed and Confused" and many other tracks on Led Zeppelin I.

Photo: YouTube / Fender

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