Take Me To The Movies: Yesterday


Imagine a world suddenly without Beatles music and only one person can remember: a struggling singer-songwriter in a tiny seaside town in England. Himesh Patel (BBC’s “Eastenders”) and Lily James (“Downton Abby” & “Mama Mia- Here We Go Again”) star along with the real-life Ed Sheeran. This is a magical feel-good movie which I predict has the big O in its future, as in Oscar. It’s the creation of Oscar winner Danny Boyle (“Slumdog Millionaire”) and Oscar nominee Richard Curtis (“Love, Actually”). It’s got the perfect trifecta: emotion, humor and music. Plus, it’s unpredictable and has an amazing uncredited cameo that still has me scratching my head. I won’t give it away. This is by far my favorite movie of the year. I promise you will walk out feeling joyful & exhilarated. What more can you ask for?

4 ♥


“Annabelle Comes Homes”

The 7th (!) in “The Conjuring” franchise, which only began 6 years ago. Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga return. Possessed doll “Annabelle” is locked away but still manages to summon trouble. It’s getting 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.



This doc tells the story of the amazing British school dropout and runaway Tracy Edwards who led the first all-female crew to ever win an around-the-world yacht race 30 years ago. I never knew this story and it doesn’t feel like a doc at all. Amazingly, there was a camera on board so you feel you are living this, so it’s quite the seat-gripper. I was so honored to have Tracy join my “Sonstein Sunday” a week ago- which you can hear on the podcast “Sonstein Sessions”.

4 ♥


“Avengers: Endgame” re-release

Marvel studios is re-releasing the box office juggernaut in what they’re calling a “bring back event.” The 3 hour 2 minute original will have a newly shot introduction by director Anthony Russo as well as an extra deleted scene and a sneak peek at the upcoming new Spider-man movie coming out next week. They’re basically doing this as a final push to unseat “Avatar” as the highest grossing movie of all time...and this will probably do it. Good for them I suppose?



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