Michael Anthony Says Van Halen Was Supposed To Be Rehearsing Right Now

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Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony might have known more about the band's summer reunion plans than he previously revealed.

Anthony told Eddie Trunk in a recent interview that the reason Sammy Hagar and The Circle aren't currently on the road, supporting their studio album Space Between, is because the band built in a summer break in case Anthony needed to rehearse with Van Halen.

"They were gonna try and plan a thing for this summer," Anthony said. "And for whatever reason ... they never got in touch with us about any kind of contract or any kind of a meeting to discuss or whatever. And the next thing I knew, the plug got pulled on it."

Anthony has maintained that he was contacted by Van Halen's management last summer or fall, but that the reunion trail quickly cooled down. It's unclear whether Anthony was given a schedule of some kind or if Hagar and the Circle built in a break simply based on when VH would logically want to rehearse with Anthony for the gigs.

It's still largely unclear why Van Halen's summer touring plans fell through. There are rumors that it was due to a health issue affecting either Eddie or Alex Van Halen.

Front man David Lee Roth seemed certain about the band's touring plans as recently as last fall when he let slip in an interview plans to play a run of baseball stadiums. He has since revealed that he's considering a Las Vegas residency himself.

Hagar stated that Van Halen's team reaches out to gauge interest in reunions every few years. While he, personally, thinks the time has come and gone for him to return to the band, he says he's rooting for Anthony to reconcile with the group and get "closure."

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