Take Me To The Movies: Aladdin, Echo in the Canyon


“Aladdin” is the latest live action adaption of a Disney animated hit. The original is SUCH a classic with the iconic Robin Williams voicing the genie and of course, our good friend Gilbert Gottfried. Marc Coppola took teenager Cayley and they’re giving it the thumbs up. It’s an inclusive “Aladdin” with Naomi Scott as Jasmine getting the biggest raves. Will Smith makes the genie his own, adding some hip-hop flavor. It’s a by-the-books-remake, which is a good thing with the original so beloved. Director Guy Ritchie of “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” may not seem like the obvious choice to helm, but Cope says he comes through, especially with the action sequences. The just over 2-hours running time is a little longish for the littlest ones. It gets a PG rating.

Cope gives it 3 ♥


“Echo in the Canyon”

A documentary with Jakob Dylan interviewing the founders of the California Sound of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, The Beach Boys, Lovin’ Spoonful and The Mamas And Papas, all who lived in L.A’s Laurel Canyon in the mid ‘60s. Tom Petty is heavily featured in interviews, which turned out to be his last before his OD death close to 2 years ago. Davis Crosby, Graham Nash, Michelle Phillips, Ringo, Jackson Browne, Roger McGuinn, Brian Wilson and John Sebastian also take us back to the day. It’s a revealing music history lesson where artists hung out together and freely borrowed new sounds from each other. Even The Beatles lifted from The Byrds. George Harrison wrote “If I Needed Someone” after hearing the Byrds’ “Bells of Rhymney”. So many revealing stories I’ve never heard before. Jakob Dylan’s latest album, with guests including Beck and Regina Spektor, pays homage to these songs and artists. You really get a clear understanding why these songs have become such classics.

4 ♥



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