Steve Perry Only Communicates With Journey Through His Publisher

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Journey's Jonathan Cain says the band's former front man Steve Perry has not been in contact with the band since its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and there's no reason to think that will change.

The keyboardist and guitarist Cain told Michael Cavacini in a recent interview that Perry only communicates with his former band via his music publisher regarding business matters.

Cain explained that the ongoing rift between Perry and Journey is entirely up to the singer.

"He's already said, in so many words, that he's not interested in a relationship with me or Neal [Schon]," Cain explained.

While Schon publicly reaches out to Perry often, Cain says he's "understanding of [Perry's] space." He added that he doesn't have Perry's contact information, even if he wanted to get in touch.

"I remember when we decided to move on without him [in the '90s]," Cain added. "Steve pretty much said, in so many words, 'Lose my number.' I don't have Steve's number and I don't talk to him. If he needs something, the publisher reaches out to us."

While Perry was the picture of joy during Journey's Hall of Fame induction, he's ruled out a reunion on countless occasions, explaining that he has little desire to tour ever again. But Perry's reasons for refusing even a personal relationship with his band mates is less clear.

He's suggested there is "love" between himself and his former band, but that any mingling with Schon or Cain would stoke rumors of a Journey reunion. When asked about Cain's memoir last year, Perry replied that didn't "care to read" the book and that it was "none of my business."

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