Sonstein Sunday: Carmine Street Guitars / Cinema Pioneer Alice Guy-Blaché

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday: 

Carmine Street Guitars in Greenwich Village is a NYC jewel. For more than 40 years Rick Kelly has been making guitars, using old wood from NYC buildings. Ron Mann made the doc “Carmine Street Guitars”, which you can see at The ‪Film Forum. Rick Kelly and Ron Mann join me on Q104.3 ‪at 6:55 AM.

Another ‪hidden figures story: Alice Guy-Blaché just may be the most important woman you NEVER heard of. She was making narrative films before 1900 using color and sound. More than 1,000 films! Many with story lines that still resonate today, turning the sexes upside down and inside out. She made a movie with an all African-American cast. So why do we NOT know who she is?! The doc “Be Natural” explores the story - you can see it at ‪the IFC Center. I speak with director, writer and producer Pamela Green ‪at 7:15am

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