Michael Anthony Unsure Why Van Halen Reunion "Broke Down"

Michael Anthony has finally confirmed in his own words that he was indeed approached this summer about reuniting with Van Halen.

The bassist maintains, however, that it was someone from Van Halen's management who called him, not Eddie, Alex or David Lee Roth.

He's still unsure why there was no follow up, or what the band's plans are going forward.

"I was actually contacted by their management last October to see if I would be interested in something," Anthony told Howard Stern in a recent interview. "And that's basically as far as it went. I think they were trying to put something together on their end, management was, and something broke down on their end and the plug got pulled."

Anthony's latest project with Sammy Hagar & The Circle is preparing to go on tour April 19 and release its debut album, Space Between, on May 10.

Anthony has maintained over the years that he would reunite with his old band in the right situation. His longtime partner and former VH singer Hagar has added that he would do whatever possible to facilitate the reunion for the sake of the fans.

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Photo: Getty Images

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