3@3 For Tues, 4/9: Parents "Dry" High School Ball Field W Gasoline?!!!

Ridgefield, CT: The High School infield is too muddy for play/ use sand? A drying agent? Wait? NO - I have an idea - Let's pour 25 GALLONS OF GASOLINE ON THE FIELD AND LIGHT IT. "Brilliant!," said Moe Howard...

The EPA says it'll cost about $50,000 to remove all the contaminated soil and at least a month before the kids can play there again.

1) "Jealous Again" - The Black Crowes ("Smell the gasoline burning")

2) "Glory Days" - Bruce Springsteen ("Back in high school, he could throw that speed ball by you.")

3) "Smoke On The Water" - Deep Purple


P.S. The words "Fire" and "Dumbass" should NEVER meet in the world. never.



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