Take Me To The Movies: Dumbo


It’s a live-action re-make of the 1941 original with Tim Burton directing. I asked Cope’s daughter, Cayley, to check it out for us and she was worried about Tim Burton directing because she didn’t want her precious childhood memories to become scary ones. But Cayley says she’s so glad she went. She loved it. She says Dumbo is so cute. Cope says the big difference between Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” and the classic is the animals don’t speak. Their communication is done through emotion. That was Cope’s only complaint. Tim Burton made this a “Batman” reunion with Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton starring.Colin Farrell, Eva Green and Alan Arkin co-star. Cope says “Take the family- you won’t be disappointed.”

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“Hotel Mumbai”

Starring Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and Jason Isaacs, “Hotel Mumbai” goes wide this weekend. It’s a thriller based on the 3-day terror attack on Mumbai, India 11 years ago.It’s a seat gripper from start to finish. Plus it’s so inspiring with 90% of the staff of the opulent hotel staying on during the room-to-room attack, saving the lives of most guests. My interview with director Anthony Maras is on the “Sonstein Sessions” podcast on the IHeartradio app.

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“Roll Red Roll”

This documentary is showing now at The Film Forum. Director Nancy Schwartzman joins me this weekend on “Sonstein Sunday” at 7:15am. It centers on the first sexual assault case that was posted on social media, before, during and after the assault 7 years ago at a Steubenville, Ohio high school football party.

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