Sonstein Sunday: The FDNY's Dr. Kerry Kelly / The doc. "Roll, Red, Roll"

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Last year, after 37 years with the FDNY, Dr. Kerry Kelly retired as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Kelly was there ‪on 9/11 and immediately realized the health fallout that would follow. She was the first to develop a baseline health exam for New York City firefighters, with yearly follow-ups. 

This medical detailing was instrumental in linking health issues to the ‪9/11 toxins, leading to the passage of the Zadroga Law, which provides health care and compensating for those ailing ‪from 9/11 illnesses. Dr. Kelly has been described to me as the Florence Nightingale of the FDNY. I am so honored to have her join me and ‪9/11 attorney Michael Barasch ‪at 6:55 AM.

And at 7:15am: The documentary “Roll Red Roll” is now open at The ‪Film Forum. It centers on the first sexual assault detailed on social media, from plans to the aftermath. The victim was a Steubenville, Ohio high schooler at a party for a high school football team. Director Nancy Schwartzman joins to discuss.

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