3@3 For Tues, 3/12: Ivy League Admissions Scandal

What does Kaplan cost - $1200? Well, if you pay a William Singer, an alleged scam artist millions, your sweet little child can attend an Ivy League school - this guy would not only pay someone to take the admissions test for him, but pay the proctor to ignore the switch, and pay a COACH to say your kid was a "recruit." Lots of rich folks, from actors to big business people paid for this, but, Thanks to the Feds, this racket is BUSTED! (Hey, Hobart and NYU did just fine for ME!)

1) "My Old School" - Steely Dan ("Oh, NO - Guadalajara won't do!")

2) "Money Talks" - AC/DC

3) "Prove It All Night" - Bruce ("What it means to cheat, to steal, to lie...")



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