Sonstein Sunday: Director of "Leaving Neverland" / FDNY son Connor Hess

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Dan Reed has directed documentaries about terror attacks in Paris & Mumbai but nothing has caused more controversy than his 2 part HBO doc, “Leaving Neverland.” ‪Michael Jackson’s estate is suing HBO for $100 million, trying to stop the ‪March 3rd debut. Dan makes a return appearance on “Sonstein Sunday” at 6:55am to discuss his film, which has left audiences speechless. This was one of the most devastating docs I have ever seen. Explosive. A must-see. Decide for yourself if Jackson was guilty of sexually abusing children as young as 7.

17 year old Connor Hess lost his FDNY dad Robert to cancer caused by ‪9/11. Connor’s life was forever altered by the ‪tragedy. He tells his story ‪and how it’s affected him at 7:15am

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