Kevin Nealon: Rugby Smashed His Face Handsome

The hilarious Kevin Nealon made his annual return to the Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show ready to discuss all the success he's had over the past year.

...but first Jim brought up something they've never touched on before: Kevin's interest in the rough and tumble world of rugby. Kevin jokes that playing helped mold his face perfectly for a life on stage and screen.

Kevin's also very proud of his hit CBS comedy 'Man with a Plan,' and how all the ads for it have made him "ubiquitous."

Nealon shared the origin of his popular weekly YouTube series 'Hiking with Kevin.'

He also talks about life as a heavily in demand actor. We brought up an upcoming indie movie that he's featured in and, well, he's just so dang busy...can you blame him for being a little fuzzy on the details? Thanks, IMDB.

Kevin also shows his artistic side by sketching Jim!

Don't miss Kevin Nealon performing at Caroline's Thurs. Feb 28th through Sat. March 2nd- 5 shows! Don't let any Leap Year confusion mess up your schedule. Be there for a great show.

Also check out his YouTube Channel, featuring 'Hiking with Kevin.'

And of course, CBS' 'Man with a Plan' is on Mondays at 8:30(ET).



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