3@3 For Mon, 2/25: Oscar Winners!

Long Live Rock! BoRhap opening eyes and showing off Classic Rock to the world one more time! Congrats Rami Malek on the awards sweep bringing Freddie Mercury to life! Congrats to the great Olivia Coleman on "The Favorite," Curon on "Roma," and I am SO glad that "Green Book" won Best Pic - a haunting, beautiful story with 2 amazing pros running the show - Mahershala Ali - just wow!

1) "Everyday I Write The BOOK" - Elvis Costello

2) "Peg" - Steely Dan ("Its you FAVORITE Foreign Movie")

3) "Somebody to Love" - Queen

AND - the BESTEST Oscar Acceptance speech ever from Olivia Coleman - Honesty, humility, and humor - it's one for the ages



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