Sonstein Sunday Bonus: "The Breaker Upperers"

New Zealand's Madeleine Sami & Jackie Van Beek joined Shelli Sonstein to talk about their new "anti-rom-com," the “The Breaker Upperers," which is streaming now on Netflix.

Shelli, Madeleine and Jackie have a very fun conversation about the film, in which they both star in, co-wrote, and directed together. Despite the premise of two cynical women starting a company that will end relationships for those too timid to make a clean break, the movie is truly about their friendship. It's filled with rapid fire jokes and an infectious energy. It helps that Madeleine and Jackie are longtime real life friends- their effortless chemistry is on full display here with Shelli.

Sami and Van Beek are also quite proud that the production team behind the film was staffed by a majority of women, a rarity in their industry. They say the working environment gave the film a unique feel and sets it apart from your standard, "by-the-numbers" rom-com.

Jackie and Madeleine also demonstrate the differences between Australian and New Zealand accents. The more you know! Check out the very lively conversation below:



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