What If The Whole World Forgot The Beatles...Except For 1 Guy?!

"Yesterday,: the upcoming film from Danny Boyle ("Trainspotting"), is about a weird global glitch - and the ONLY Person who remembers the Beatles is a failed singer/songwriter...who now could claim these songs to be his own. What would YOU do?!

And please join me for a LIVE Podcast recording of "Ken Dashow's Beatles Revolution" this Friday night at The City Winery here in TriBeca! We're talking with industry experts about the music biz, and how it's changed from 1964 to 2019! https://q1043.iheart.com/featured/ken-dashow/content/2019-02-08-join-ken-dashows-first-live-beatles-revolution-podcast-on-feb-15/



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