Sonstein Sunday Bonus: Rory Culkin Talks New Music Film "Lords of Chaos"

Rory Culkin (of the famous Culkin acting family) discusses his latest, and very shocking film, with Shelli Sonstein.

"Lords of Chaos" is directed by Grammy award winning music video director Jonas Ã…kerlund (Madonna, Metallica, U2, Lady Gaga, McCartney) and explores the extreme metal subgenre/culture of Black Metal in Scandinavia during the early '90s. The movie follows the complicated, out of control trajectory of Norwegian scene leaders Mayhem. Inspired by adolescent fantasy, their path starts innocently enough, but ultimately the band spirals into violence and tragedy. "Lords of Chaos" is a music biopic turned true crime story.

Culkin and Shelli discuss the background of the characters and what led them to commit terrible acts. Shelli also poses a persistent cultural question: what responsibility (if any) do artists have when their work can effect the minds of people susceptible to extreme thinking and mental illness?

Check out the interview to learn more:



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