3@3 For Mon, 2/4: Most Boring Big Game Ever?

Gladys Knight singing the Star Spangled banner was THE highlight of the night! Otherwise, from 3 hours of trading punts to Adam Levine's lip-synced strip tease...it weren't nuthin' to me. But at least my friends and I had GREAT food, thanks to my chef-buddy Sean Quinn of "Chopped" fame! And Adam Levine? As mu buddy Kevin said" "I've seen better tattoos done in Riker's island!"

1) "Sleeping With the Television On" - Billy Joel

2) "Dancing In the Dark" - Bruce ("I'm just tired and bored with myself.")

3) "Margaritaville" - Jimmy Buffett ("Nothing to show but this brand new tattoo")

The REAL party was happening in New Orleans, where they celebrated by BOYCOTTING the game!



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