Take Me To The Movies: Glass, I Hate Kids


The 3rd of the M. Night Shyamalan trilogy which began with “Unbreakable” in 2000 and then the hit “Split” 2 years ago. This one involves 3 men who are convinced they are comic book super heroes and the doctor who treats them at a mental hospital in Philly, where M. Night grew up. James McAvoy is back and is flawless and mesmerizing with multi-personalities flipping second to second. He’s joined by an immensely enjoyable Samuel L. Jackson, once he stops being mute. Bruce Willis joins in as the guy who’s out to save the city from these super villains. The 3 performances are cool but the movie and obligatory “twist” are a letdown. McAvoy is amazing though! M. Night Shyamalan really had just one great movie, his first: “The Sixth Sense” and that was already 20 years ago! Memo to M. Night: you don’t have to pull a Stan Lee and appear in each movie. Lee did it right: fleeting one-liners. Your stay is too long. You’re a director, not an actor.

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“I Hate Kids”

This is in theaters and video on demand. It stars Tom Everett Scott, who we remember 20 years ago from the beloved “That Thing You Do”…the first movie directed by Tom Hanks and the first time many of us saw Charlize Theron (as his gf), Steve Zahn and Liv Tyler. “I Hate Kids” is a meh comedy about a lothario who at his wedding rehearsal dinner is confronted by a 13 year old foster kid who claims to be his son and wants his help finding his mom. Comedian Titus Burgess co-stars as a radio psychic. The best reason to see it: “Better Call Saul’s” Rhea Seehorn. She’s the most authentic person in the movie and needs to be seen in more. Love her! Didn’t love the movie BUT love that Tom Everett Scott joins me this week on “Sonstein Sunday” at 7:15am.

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