Sonstein Sunday: 9/11 Fund in Peril / Immigrant Pays It Forward

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday: 

Government aid for those ailing from 9/11 illnesses is in jeopardy. Leading 9/11 community activist John Feal and attorney Michael Barasch join me on Q104.3’s “Sonstein Sunday” at 6:55 am to discuss. Also- how the partial government shutdown impacts those ailing from 9/11 toxins.

John Feal

And at 7:15: Sixtus Atabong was just a young man when his dad sent him alone to the U.S. to make a better life for himself. He knew no one. He was completely alone. Atabong became a Physician’s Assistant and has since returned to build clinics and hospitals back home in Cameroon as well as The Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Talk about an inspiring story!

Sixtus Atabong

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