Take Me To The Movies: The Upside

“The Upside”

A dramedy based on the 2011 French movie “The Intouchables,” this one is set in NYC with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart ending up in an unlikely bromance. Cranston plays a paralyzed billionaire and ex-con Kevin Hart is his unlikely caregiver. Nicole Kidman co-stars. It works because Cranston & Hart have an easy chemistry. At 2 hours, it goes on a little too long but all in all, it’s a surefire crowd pleaser. Right now the studios bet most moviegoers will focus on catching up on the award contenders still playing- new January movies are usually dreadful. This is a nice surprise.

3 ♥



 I didn’t see this one. Keanu Reeves stars as a guy who loses his family in a car accident. He’s a synthetic biologist who will stop at nothing to bring back his family.


Opening wide:  “On The Basis Of Sex”

Felicity Jones stars as RBG, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The movie focuses on her early years, with her tackling her first big women’s rights case. Armie Hammer co-stars as her supportive hubby. I was pretty bored –her nephew wrote it. MUCH more worthwhile is the documentary “RBG.” THAT one tells you just how amazing and groundbreaking the 2nd female Supreme is in real life. You really learn much, much more from the doc and unlike “On The Basis Of Sex”- it’s never boring. Even the title is boring and nondescript, come to think of it. See “RBG” – it’s one of the best docs of the year.

1 ½ ♥


Also opening wide- “If Beale Street Could Talk”

Based on the 70’s James Baldwin book of the same name, this film is like watching a poem. It’s the story of young love torn apart by a racist culture and wrongful imprisonment. Regina King just won a Golden Globe as “Best Supporting Actress” as the compassionate, loving mom. My one complaint: the arresting NYC cop is a caricature- almost cartoonish.

3 ♥



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