Hear Steve Perry Sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Former Journey singer Steve Perry is glad to be back in music, and he's showing his fans his gratitude with a blissful cover of the holiday classic "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

Perry's comeback this fall with his first solo album in 30 years, Traces, has been a phenomenon, and you can be pretty sure the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is counting his blessings this Christmas. 

"This has been a big year of firsts for me," Perry said in a message to fans. "In keeping with that spirit, I thought I'd record a little Christmas card song and send it out to you to thank you for all of your kindness in welcoming me back. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I hope you enjoy it."

For Journey fans, it's hard to hear Perry's rendition and not think the song feels a little autobiographical on the singer's part.

When he croons lines like the song's opener, "Once again as in olden days / happy golden days of yore" it sounds like he's addressing his long-awaited return and the heartbreaking story of the previous eight or so years of his life. 

The song's arrangement is sparse, with just a piano and Perry's souldful vocals taking the lead. You can listen to it in the player above. 

After doing press in support of Traces for several months, Perry looks like he's winding down his activity into the holidays. 

What comes next will hopefully be some live performances, but Perry has yet to confirm any plans to tour or perform live in concert — except that if he does return to the stage, he will happily perform songs from his classic Journey catalog

Photo: Getty Images

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