Camelback Resorts Helps 9/11-Affected Families

The destruction of 9/11 didn't end when the second tower fell, or when the rubble was cleared. The sad fact is that the worst terror attack in U.S. history is still hurting new families every year.

While 343 FDNY fire fighters died the day of the attacks, 181 more have died in the last 17 years due to various illnesses — mostly cancers — linked to toxic exposure during FDNY's post-9/11 rescue and recovery operation at Ground Zero. 

As they say, every little bit helps, and while most of us can't cure cancer, we can each give back in our own way. 

Camelback Resorts has been doing its part by putting smiles back on the faces of 9/11-affected fire fighters and families since 2016 with its Camelback Gives Back program

The program is aimed at creating some happy memories for affected families, and to help them forget about their daily struggles, even for just a day or two.

FDNY Family Assistance Unit Assistant Commissioner Evelyn Tesoriero says the average age of 9/11 first responders now is 55, meaning many now have children or grandchildren.

"Healing comes in may ways," she said of the Camelback Gives Back program, "so to work with Camelback Resort to offer a day of laugher and fun was a true blessing for so many of the FDNY families."

In addition to families of the FDNY's 343 and 181, Camelback also works with Purple Heart recipients and The Breasties.

"And for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, it's not just about one day," said Camelback President & COO Brian Czarnecki. "We will continue to work with the FDNY Foundation to deliver memorable resort-wide experiences through 2019."

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