Jim and Shelli Experience Christmas Bill Shatner Style

Jim and Shelli just got a chance to have a quick chat with the iconic, multiple Emmy winning actor, writer and "lyrical interpreter" William Shatner. 

At first "Bill," as he causally introduced himself, was resistant to Jim's proclamations about his musical impact. Still, there's no denying Shatner's 1968 recording debut, The Transformed Man, is an unforgettable experiment. It's part of pop culture history, for better or worse. I say better- we need the unconventional and the uninhibited. This is the type of stuff that makes life interesting!

Now Shatner's released his first ever Christmas album, 'Shatner Claus,' which he feels is the purest refinement of his musical journey. It features an eclectic all-star cast: Brad Paisley, Iggy Pop, Judy Collins, Billy Gibbons, Ian Anderson, Henry Rollins, Todd Rundgren, Rick Wakeman and many more. 

Shatner takes on classic holiday tunes in his signature "style" but he's also very proud of brand new original, “One for You, One for Me,” based on a poem written by a Veteran. 

You can get 'Shatner Claus' in multiple formats via Cleopatra Records as well as Amazon and iTunes.

Check out the quick interview! There's lots of laughs plus we learn what song is Bill's favorite to sing in the shower...it's very familiar to Jim.

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