Sonstein Sunday Video Bonus: Jesse Eisenberg & "The World Before Your Feet"

This week's Sonstein Sunday features the Academy Award nominated Jesse Eisenberg, best known for starring in “The Social Network,” "Zombieland," “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and "Now You See Me." His latest passion project is executive producing a documentary called “The World Before Your Feet.” 

The doc follows NY'er and former engineer Matt Green as he walks every street, alley, bridge, park, cemetery, beach- every inch- of NYC. So far the journey that has taken him over 8,000 miles. Along the way Green discovered whole worlds that were previously hidden to him and learned about his community and city in a direct, personal way.

Below is the video of my discussion with Jesse, the remarkable Green & director Jeremy Workman (who followed Green for over 3 1/2 years of his urban journeys).

You can see "The World Before Your Feet" now at the Quad Cinema on 13th St. 

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