Sonstein Sunday Video Bonus: Jeffrey Wright and Vet. April Harris Unedited

For this week's special Veteran's Day edition of Sonstein Sunday we spoke with Emmy and Tony winner Jeffrey Wright (“Angels In America,” ”Westworld,” ”Boardwalk Empire” and much more...) and Veteran April Harris.

Wright helped Veterans create a collaborative poem which they performed under his direction. The show was called “We are Not Done Yet.” The making of it was turned into a documentary of the same name, which is now available on all HBO platforms. 

April Harris bravely opened up about her own experiences as a Veteran and how the writing- and specifically her performances in "We are Not Done Yet" - has helped her heal from significant trauma. Harris and Wright also discuss what could be done to help Vets returning from duty with PTSD.

Below is video the unedited full conversation with Wright and Harris: 

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