Ace Frehley: Gene Can Always Count On Him To Be A Friend

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ace Frehley visited Jim and Shelli to talk about his new solo album "Spaceman" out today, Friday 10/19.

The Space Ace tells us that he looked back to his past to write more biographical songs for this new collection. “Spaceman’s” first single, “Bronx Boy,” is about his adventurous and sometimes dangerous youth in NYC. The song “Rockin’ with the Boys” chronicles the excitement of playing in a touring the band while simultaneously yearning to be home with loved ones…a kind of thematic sequel to KISS’s hit “Beth.”

Frehley also gives Jim and Shelli some insight into how an unschooled musician like himself could create some of the most memorable guitar solos in rock history.

Ace Frehley

In a moment of sincerity (during an otherwise very freewheeling and fun conversation) Ace talks about what he did when he heard his old KISS bandmate Gene Simmons say that he has no real friends.

Elsewhere in the conversation Jim and Ace get a kick over how he’s a major topic in a newly restored scene from this year’s box office juggernaut “Avengers: Infinity War.” Ace, celebrating 12 years of sobriety, also talks about his recent tour of Australia with Simmons- and the Spaceman ended up walking away with something very important of Gene’s…

This is was real fun visit- there's only one Space Ace! Check out the video and the podcast below:



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