Jim Kerr #TBT: George Carlin (Oct. 2007)

‘Saturday Night Live’ premiered on October 11, 1975. With that in mind, this week’s #TBT moment is Jim and Shelli’s conversation (also featuring Maria Milito) with legendary comedian George Carlin, the host of the debut episode of ‘SNL.’

Carlin came in to the old Q studios (46th and 6th) on Oct. 24, 2007. The comedy pioneer was commemorating his 50 year career with the box set ‘George Carlin: All My Stuff,’ which collected all 12 of his HBO specials and much more.

george carlin

Even though we would lose George about 9 months after his visit, it’s apparent right away that he was still driven to perfect new material and not rest on his laurels. However he does get in detail about his legendary “Seven Dirty Words” bit – a bit that cemented him in pop culture and legal history.

During Carlin’s appearance the Red Sox were finding themselves in a successful post-season run, eventually winning the World Series that year. The native New Yorker was not afraid to admit who he was rooting for- and with very specific reasons that he shared with no hesitation.

George dispels the image of him being “angry” based on his reputation as a political and social firebrand on stage- insisting that it’s quite the opposite in real life.

Finally Carlin talks about the comedians that he finds funny, both peers and early influences.

george carlin

Listening to this for the first time it’s clear that Jim, Shelli and the entire station was very excited to have George as a guest and he was a pleasure. Carlin is completely himself here and totally honest - traits that made him one of the greatest comedians of all time. Listen below.



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