Take Me To The Movies: A Star Is Born, Venom

“A Star Is Born”

This 4th version of the classic is a total re-birth and a sure-fire Oscar fave on many levels. I see a lot of movies, and there was only one moment in the film that felt false to me. I predict both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will be Oscar-nominated and that this will be a contender for Best Picture as well. Maybe more…

This is a traditional story told in a non-traditional way. He’s the substance abusing rock star who spots an unknown performing in a bar (a drag bar). They fall in love. She becomes the bigger star.

The two stars sizzle with chemistry. And while she is a revelation in her new role as an actress, Bradley Cooper is equally a revelation both as a director and as a singer, musician and songwriter. None of which he has ever done before. Both Cooper and Lady Gaga helped write the songs- all new songs and all of them done so well, the music flows seamlessly through the movie. You never get that oh-we’re shutting-down-now-for-the-song moment that usually happens in a musical. The final song could become the “My Heart Will Go On” (the song from “Titanic”) for a new generation. It stays in your head long after the film ends. This IS the movie of the year. And the best musical in I don’t know how long!!!!

5 ♥



The latest big screen adaption of a Marvel character with Tom Hardy starring in the title role. An investigative journalist attempting a comeback from a scandal accidentally becomes host to an alien who gives him a violent super alter-ego. Michelle Williams makes her debut in a superhero movie, along with Jenny Slate. I missed it but reviews aren’t great. The best comment I heard on this PG-13’er is “It’s a fun mess”. Others complain it’s by the book. And one reviewer says the bloated Tom Hardy would be a perfect choice to play Harvey Weinstein on screen. “Venom” gets just 28% on Rotten Tomatoes but “The Hollywood Reporter” predicts it will do double the box office of “A Star Is Born”. I think ASIB will pull an upset.



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