Take Me To The Movies: The Old Man & The Gun, Smallfoot, Bad Reputation

“The Old Man & The Gun”

What could be the last acting gig for 82 year old Robert Redford, though he seems to have taken that back and he DEFINTELY isn’t retiring from directing. BTW, Redford has NEVER won an Oscar for acting, only for directing “Ordinary People” in ’81. “The Old Man & The Gun” is based on the real life story of Forest Tucker, a career criminal (but always polite and nice) who broke out of prison after prison after prison. Sissy Spacek is tremendous and so understated as his late-in-life love interest. Casey Affleck is the lawman out to nab him. Tom Waits & Danny Glover both have smaller roles. This is a quiet movie. Not your typical heist movie. It’s folksy. And a perfect vehicle for Robert Redford’s bon voyage...if he so chooses. Getting 88% so far on “Rotten Tomatoes.”

3 ½ ♥



For the kids: This turns the Bigfoot legend upside down when the young yeti finds something he never before thought existed: a human!! Original music and voices by LeBron James, Common, Danny DeVito and James Corden. Gets 74% so far on “Rotten Tomatoes.”


“Bad Reputation”

In theaters one day- TODAY- and on demand: A Joan Jett doc which shows what a pioneer she was as a rocker, helping to birth the punk movement- but sheds no light at all on her personal life. It gets 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I give it 2 ½ ♥


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