Jim Breuer Makes Sure Metallica Takes a "Deuce" Before He Hits The Stage

Jim Breuer caught up with Jim and Shelli to update them on the wild ride he's been up to lately.

Breuer reveals how Lars Ulrich approached him to come up with a brand new way for fans to get amped before up for a Metallica show. Hey, that opening band might be great...but getting over with hardcore Metallica fans (especially the dedicated ones who show up early) is no easy task for any act. So Breuer told us about how he created a new experience to whip the fans into a frenzy before the Metallica main event.

During the coversation the gang bond over the undeniable scent of Play-Doh, plus Shelli and Breuer have their own private side bar about Showtime's 'Billions.'

Of course being a die hard Met fan, Breuer, Jim and Shelli consider Jacob deGrom's Cy Young Award chances. 

Jim's next dates for his residency at the Paramount in Huntington NY are Sat 11/17, Sat 12/15, Sat 1/12 and Sat 2/16. They go on sale this Friday (9/21)!

Check out Jim's entire interview below:



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