An Emotional Steve Perry on How His Passion for Music Was Renewed

Singer-songwriter and ex-Journey frontman Steve Perry joined the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show on Monday to discuss his return to music after almost 25 years of literal silence. Perry is back in full force with a brand new album, Traces, set for release on October 5th.

Perry clarifies the reasons why he completely stepped away from music after Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-worthy success with Journey and a hit solo career. Perry is very candid and detailed about his decision- one that was difficult for fans to understand- but very necessary for him to make.

Perry opened up to Jim and Shelli about a very personal message that urged him to break out of his isolation and begin singing and recording again. After seeing him speak so passionately and with so much emotion, you can see that Steve’s raw sincerity is a large part of why fans continue to be moved by his music.

Earlier in the conversation Jim and Steve get a laugh out of their ‘The Sopranos’ connection- both united by only one of the biggest pop culture moments in history. Later Perry talks about going “off book” during his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction speech, getting approval from Olivia Harrison to cover one of George’s Beatles songs, and the music that captivated his mind as a child.

You need to watch interview- it’s one of the most real and powerful moments Jim and Shelli ever had with a guest. It’s privilege to have him back!



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