Former KISS Guitarist Trademark's "Vinnie Vincent's KISS"

Former KISS Guitarist Trademark's "Vinnie Vincent's KISS"

Former KISS Guitarist Trademark's "Vinnie Vincent's KISS"

It appears KISS's most litigious former member is taking a page out of his former bandmates' book and filling a trademark application.

But at least in Vinnie Vincent's case, the application is for something he actually had a hand in creating.   

The legendary guitarist's late-July application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office requested that "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss" be a recognized trademark for live performances and merchandising by Vincent.

After returning in January from a self-imposed 30-year exile from the public eye, Vincent has been traveling the country doing Q&A's and promising fans that he will return to live performing this year

Last week, Vincent took a step in the right direction when he confirmed a December date and location for his comeback show, December 7, which is billed as an intimate acoustic set in which Vincent will tell stories, play and sing KISS and Vinnie Vincent Invasion music, as well as other material from his catalog.

Former Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman is also set to make a special appearance that evening with his former collaborator.

As KISS fans have learned over the years, just because you trademark something doesn't mean you're going to use it. But the "Vinnie Vincent's Kiss" action suggests the guitarist may be preparing to explore a few different ways to capitalize upon his legend status.

Perhaps fans can look forward to future Vincent tours in which he focuses on KISS's Lick It Up-period and before (when he was a studio substitute for Ace Frehley), as well as his Vinnie Vincent Invasion catalog.

For more information on seeing Vinnie Vincent live, go here

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