Foreigner Announces More Reunion Shows With Original Members

Foreigner has announced four more "special celebration" concerts which will featuring all the surviving members of Foreigner's classic lineup, as well as the band's current touring lineup.

The run, which will take place November 9, 10, 30 and December 1, follows a run of 40th anniversary celebrations which featured Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones performing with his fellow co-founders Lou Gramm drummer Dennis Elliott, keyboardist Al Greenwood, guitarist Ian McDonald and classic-era bassist Rick Wills.

The shows are billed as Double Vision: Foreigner Then and Now. A press release describes the shows as "two great bands, one unforgettable night."

During a recent interview with Forbes, Jones elaborated on the name of the shows being more than a convenient reference to one of Foreigner's biggest hits; it's also a reference to how the success of the album of the same name established Foreigner as a viable force in rock music decades into the future.

"The second album, Double Vision, we found ourselves suddenly vying and competing with the Rolling Stones on the same label," Jones said. "And we actually ended up out-selling Some Girls with Double Vision and that's like, 'What? What'd we just do?' It was a real euphoric feeling. I think we all felt that was the beginning of the band almost, of the ability to go out and play and headline ourselves."

In the same interview, Jones confirmed that both he and Gramm are hoping to revisit and complete a number of unfinished songs from years ago. 

Gramm said in a recent interview that he "would like nothing more than to complete those with him."

Many of the song ideas in limbo are nearly 20 years old, Gramm explained, adding that he'd like to see them come out one day.

Get the tour dates here.  

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