Sonstein Sunday: ESPN+ "Enhanced," Trish Chelsen & Allison Meehan

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Sports has become more than natural talent. Modern technology is taking over sports. ESPN+ is running a 6-episode docuseries “Enhanced”. Directors Chai Vasarhelyi and Jesse Stewart join me at 7:00 am.

Chai Vasarhelyi, Jesse Sweet

And at 7:15: 2 women who lost their FDNY husbands to September 11 toxins. Trish Chelsen’s husband, 51 year old Roy, was the first firefighter to die after the 2010 signing of the 911 health law. Allison Meehan just lost her 59 year old husband, FDNY Lt. Edward Meehan this past February 2nd. Also pictured: Chris O’Toole, who was there for moral support. She lost her FDNY husband Joe 2 years ago.

Trish Chelsen, Allison Meehan, Chris O'Toole

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