Adam Ferrara is Baffled By Tree Sex

Adam Ferrara

Friend of the show and multi-talented comedian, actor and TV host Adam Ferrara visited us a couple of weeks back. Well…we finally have the video of his appearance up (hey, better late than never- get off my back.)

Of course you know Adam from his career as a headlining comedian and as an actor in beloved hits like ‘Rescue Me’ and ‘Nurse Jackie’ well as host of ‘Top Gear U.S.’

Shelli’s on the hunt for a very special gift so right away she and Adam start talking about one of his strongest passions: cars. The automotive bonding continued as Jim and Adam reminisce about classic gas station pumps and designs.

Adam also shares stories from his stand-up career, including opening for the legendary George Carlin and the difficulties of performing before a musical act. Along the way Adam insists on getting a story out of Jim about a “disagreement” he recently had on-air with iconic actor Peter Fonda.

Somewhere, somehow everyone starts debating how pine trees reproduce. Botanists of the world unite!

Right now you can pre-order Adam’s brand new stand-up album ‘Unconditional: Sometimes Love Is a Pain in The Ass' Here. It’ll also be issued on vinyl, so look for that soon as well. The lost art of the comedy album is in good hands with Adam Ferrara.

Adam’s new movie ‘Little Italy’ is set to open on Sept 21st and features an amazing cast: Danny Aiello, Andrea Martin, Emma Roberts, Alyssa Milano, Hayden Christensen and Jane Seymour. Make sure not to miss it!

Meanwhile you can catch Adam on social media:

His YouTube Channel

His official Instagram

and his official Twitter



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