Watch Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls' "MRI" Ordeal in New Music Video

Former Spinal Tap bassist Derek Smalls just limped back from yet another grueling tour, and he's not ready to find out what's wrong with his leg.

That's the perhaps semi-autobiographical plot of Harry Shearer's latest single as Smalls, from his new album Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing), which is available now.

The "MRI" video depicts Smalls arriving at his doctor's office filled with dread about the almost inevitable hip replacement he's going to need. But the actual test is the real ordeal; Smalls gets claustrophobic in the MRI chamber and can't stop fidgeting, meaning he has to go through it over an over again.

When the test finally works, Dweezil Zappa appears with a ripping guitar solo. 

Check out the video above.

The album itself is a collection of Smalls' observations and defiances about getting on in years while still being a working rock and roller.

With compositions as diverse as its myriad of special guest, the album covers much more than the brand of heavy rock parody for which Spinal Tap became so beloved.  

Smalls Changes includes a number of high-profile special guests, including Frampton, David Crosby, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Steely Dan's Donald Fagen, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Zappa and others.

Get Shearer's tour dates here.

Photo: YouTube / Derek Smalls

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