Foo Fighters Did NOT Bring "KISS Guy" Back for Cleveland Concert

Foo Fighters Did NOT Bring "KISS Guy" Back for Cleveland Concert

"KISS Guy" Yayo Sanchez captured the hearts of rock fans all over the world this past April after Dave Grohl picked him out of the crowd to perform "Monkey Wrench" with the Foo Fighters

Sanchez, who was in full Gene Simmons "Demon" makeup at the time, proceeded to wow the Austin, Texas, audience with a brilliant guitar solo and rockstar stage presence. Video of the moment was so widespread that you probably already knew that. 

So when another Foos fan named Lucas had his own guitar hero moment on stage with the band in Cleveland, many fans wondered if the whole thing was a work. 

Reporter Chuck Yarborough of Cleveland's Plain Dealer echoed the suspicions of many fans who caught the set in his review of the show. He noted that "Lucas," resembled the vaunted "KISS Guy" in terms of his stature and the way he held the guitar.

But Lucas, 17, surfaced and granted Plain Dealer an interview. He says he caught Grohl's attention with a sign that read "Let Me Jam Monkey Wrench Please." 

Lucas, who is from Essex, Canada, said he had been practicing the song leading up to the show. Actually making it on stage was surreal. 

"There was a time when [Grohl] was looking at me and he said it really loud: 'Look at all the f***ing people," Lucas recalled.

"I thought I'd be nervous, but once I was up there, I was ready to go," he continued.

You can check out fan-shot videos of both Lucas and "KISS Guy" Yayo Sanchez below. 

Foo Fighters often invite fans on stage to perform with them. It's led to some unforgettable moments over the years. 

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