Sonstein Sunday: Kelly Macdonald, Jeff Flynn

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Most of us know her as Margaret Schroeder on “Boardwalk Empire.” Kelly MacDonald has her 1st major starring role in “Puzzle,” in theaters now. It’s a coming-of-ager of the 40-something year old woman…a woman who finds herself in middle age. With an I-never-saw-it-coming ending. Plus, it makes jigsaw puzzling cool! Margaret, I mean Kelly, joins me at 7:00 am.

Kelly Macdonald

Jeff Flynn is a Q104.3 listener who worked for Dell EMC, servicing clients including Goldman Sachs, in the days and months after September 11th. He was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 7 years ago. Breast cancer in men may be rare, but it’s a lot more common in men who were below Canal Street after 9/11. And, by the time men see symptoms, it can be advanced. Jeff joins me at 7:15, along with attorney Michael Barasch, whose firm was able to get him compensation in just 4 months.

Michael Barasch, Jeff Flynn

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