Eddie Money Would Blast AC/DC When Picking Daughter Up from Catholic School

It's not that surprising to learn that Eddie Money doesn't turn down for anyone. 

His vibrant personality only adds to his catalog of hit songs, and to the success of his AXS TV show, Real Money, which was recently renewed for a second season.

During a recent stop at Q104.3 New York, Eddie's son Dez Money and daughter Jesse Money described a little bit of what it was like growing up with a rockstar for a dad.

"We grew up on the best music," Jesse told Q104.3's Ken Dashow. "It's a blessing that we had, you know, my dad teaching us all the great music, my mom teaching us all the great music. And they'd quiz us. He would play AC/DC. We'd be in the car — he'd be picking me up from Catholic school blasting AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." (Laughs) I'd be like, 'My dad's here; I've gotta go!'"

Both younger Mahoneys play in their dad's band nowadays. In addition to a gig the family band had booked in the Big Apple Thursday, Dez has a show tonight, Wednesday, July 25. 

You can get all of Eddie Money's tour dates here. Learn more about Dez's budding solo career here

Photo: Getty Images

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