Chris Robinson Says No One Cares About The Magpie Salute

Chris Robinson and his brother Rich Robinson don't agree on much these days, but they do agree that The Black Crowes aren't getting back together.

Chris chided his younger brother in a recent radio interview for "always putting negative stuff out there" and for allegedly causing their former band to break up after "he wanted everyone's money."

The elder Robinson continued, acknowledging that he's seen Rich's recent comments about The Black Crowes in the press. He surmised that "it must be sad for my brother, because he's doing an interview about his band or whatever, and all people really wanna talk about is me and The Black Crowes."

Chris is on tour this summer with his Chris Robinson Brotherhood band.

Rich's new band, The Magpie Salute is preparing to release its first studio album, High Water I, in August. 

Not long after The Magpie Salute first hit the road, playing a set that pulled largely from the Black Crowes' catalog, Chris announced he would start touring on Black Crowes material for the first time in years with his As the Crow Flies band. 

In a recent interview with Q104.3 New York, Rich described The Magpie Salute's first year of touring as a celebration of the "music we'd all made together and made separately. Covers we always wanted to do...It was a lot of fun. It was a celebration; it was almost like a revue."

In the past, Rich has said a reunion with his brother would risk his "sanity."However, he maintains positive relationships with many former Black Crowes bandmates, including guitarist Marc Fordand bassist Sven Pipien, who are both now members of The Magpie Salute. 

Last winter, Rich said that despite whatever rifts have marked the history of the Black Crowes, there remains a "really deep connection" between former members of the band.

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