Sonstein Sunday: Ronnie Spadafora, Roy Sekoff

This week on the award winning "Sonstein Sunday":

I am so saddened to tell you over the weekend we lost the 178th FDNY’er to 911 toxins. 4 star FDNY Chief Ronnie Spadafora worked for the FDNY ‘til the end. He headed the rescue & recover at Ground Zero all those months. Yet he only fell ill 2-plus years ago. I was privileged to interview him about a year ago. In fact, he was the first of so many subsequent interviews I’ve done with those ailing from the 911 poisons. I will pay tribute to Chief Spadafora, an extraordinary man, by re-airing that interview this Sunday at 7:00 am on Q104.3 "Sonstein Sunday”. 

His illness and death is a reminder to get checked by the WTC Health fund if you were below Canal Street that day or part of the 8 months after. Please spread the word if you know anyone who is sick or even in remission. If diagnosed with a physical illness, 99% of the time it leads to compensation from the Victim Compensation Fund.

Michael Barasch, Ronnie Spadafora

Roy Sekoff doesn’t have a journalism degree. Yet, he co-founded The Huffington Post and was the creator & president of Huff Post Live. His story at 7:15 am.

Roy Sekoff

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