Tom Papa Forces His Family To Go Hiking

Comedian and radio/TV personality ('The Marriage Ref') Tom Papa stopped by to talk about his new book, 'Your Dad Stole My Rake...and Other Family Dilemmas.'

Early on Jim confronts Tom about his longtime “hatred” of morning people. The tension is short lived though as Jim explains how much he truly related to the stories and situations in Tom’s book.

From there Tom gets into his inability to tolerate the boys dating his daughters, accepting that all hot wives/husbands will age out of their hotness, insisting on “uncool” but ultimately memorable family experiences, and much more.

It was great having Tom up for hopefully the first of many times. Tom’s book is incredibly funny but his sincerity and love for his family comes through and makes it a special read. While everyone is freaking out about politics, smart phone saturation and the 24 hour news cycle, Tom puts into perspective what really matters: your family and the people closest to you.

Tom is currently on a book tour and will be doing a signing at Bookends in Ridgewood tomorrow (6/07). Look for him next week on Colbert and Conan too. He also hints at a secret TV project coming up…

Check out the full interview below:

Tom Papa

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