Sonstein Sunday: Tunnel To Towers, K9 for Warriors

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

At 7:00 am: It’s a week before my Tunnel To Towers WTC climb up the 104 stories in honor of our 911 heroes. I am honored to have Tunnel To Towers COO John Hodge join me this Memorial Day weekend, so he can share with you all the wonderful work his group does. This charity is one of the best. They do so much and they get the aid out faster than any group I know!!!

John Hodge

And at 7:15, I am so proud to introduce you to Q listener and hero, Marine and US Army vet James Brerton of Manasquan. James bravely talks about the PTSD that crippled his life, ‘til Bernie the K9 for Warriors dog joined his world. Bernie joins in as well, as you will hear in our interview! You will be moved by both of these stories.

James Brerton, Bernie

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