New Yorkers Reveal Sex Secrets in New Survey

New Yorkers Respond to Sex Poll

A recent poll of hundreds of New Yorkers yielded some fascinating insight into the sex lives and habits of people from the five boroughs. 

It's spring time after all; it's the time of year people start going out more, enjoying the city's nightlife and looking for romance. According to the TimeOut survey of residents from over 50 Big Apple neighborhoods, not only do New Yorkers have sex on the first date, they also cheat, go to sex parties, buy toys at sex shops and do all sorts of other dirty things.

See below for a peek at the numbers...

72 percent of New York dating app users have had sex thanks to connections on the apps.

81 percent of New Yorkers have bought something at a sex shop. 

86 percent have sent or received a sext.


Uptown is where people are most likely to get down. Upper East Side residents have sex most often — at least once per week on average.

On the flip-side, residents of the East Village and Williamsburg have the least sex at less than twice a month.

Most people wish their partners were better at kissing or foreplay, but 15 percent with their partner was better at oral sex; 22 percent wish their partner was more adventurous.

47 percent of New Yorkers are cheaters. 

An unbelievable 79 percent have had sex in public, including in cars, at graveyards (!), in saunas and bar bathrooms (gross)! Now you're just bragging!

55 percent of New Yorkers have hooked up with someone they met at a bar that same night.

Group sex isn't that unusual; 31 percent have had sex with more than one person at a time. Nearly half of that group have been with two other people, 19 percent with three other people and a third with four or more people.

Half of New Yorkers have slept with a coworker.

New Yorkers get around more that people in the rest of the country with about three times more sexual partners than the national average.

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