Take Me To The Movies: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Feels like “Star Wars”-lite, def not “Star Wars 2.0”.

Let’s start with what’s great about this new franchise. We get the back stories! Including how Han Solo got his name, which is a kind of Ellis Island moment. The best of the backstories is Han meeting Chewbacca. But even with this, there’s a flaw. How is it that Han Solo has to speak Wookiee-ese to be understood and then, the rest of the movie, Chewbacca understands English perfectly? Oh well.

Emilia Clark of “Game of Thrones” fame is great as Han’s love interest. And Woody Harrelson, as always, eases into his role as Han Solo’s mentor/crook. He’s just great in everything. Paul Bettany is fine as our villain.

What I didn’t like:

-The movie has such a dark look.

-The acting in the beginning was so wooden. I grew to acclimate myself to Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, and that’s not exactly an endorsement. I’m sorry, he’s no Harrison Ford.

-The movie lacks tension. Again, not good for a “thriller.”

-I think there were at least 5 times when I felt the movie should have ended.

Don’t fault director Ron Howard. “Variety” says weeks ‘til the movie was about to wrap, the directors were fired and Howard was brought in. The budget swelled to a reported 250-mil.

This was one of my least favorite “Star Wars” films.

2 ♥



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