Journey's Jonathan Cain Says Feud With Neal Schon Is Over

Journey's Jonathan Cain Says Neal Schon Feud Is Over

Journey's long-term prospects as a band didn't look very good last summer, but now things are looking up — at least according to keyboardist Jonathan Cain

While Cain publicly downplayed friction within the group for most of last year, founding guitarist Neal Schon freely lambasted his bandmates — especially Cain — via social media on several occasions. Schon even suggested Journey might go on hiatus after its 2017 touring obligations were fulfilled due to problems between himself and Cain. 

But not only has Cain now acknowledged the friction with Schon, he says the two have come to an understanding.

"We just finished five days of rehearsal," Cain said. "I think we've completely reset with each other. I'm looking forward to a great tour with him and the rest of the guys. We've been together 38 years. There's always going to have a bump in the road. I don't know any marriage that hasn't had any squabbles. It was a misunderstanding, and I think we're ready to move on from all that."

Last year, Schon repeatedly accused Cain of undermining his role in the band, among other things. The guitarist was particularly furious after Cain, bassist Ross Valory and frontman Arnel Pineda visited the White House without clearing it with him. Schon said the visit politicized the band and could polarize its fan base along party lines. 

While Schon questioned the future of Journey, Cain assured fans throughout the ordeal that Journey wouldn't break up. The guitarist seemed to mellow while Journey was on break this past winter. Cain recently called the drama a mere "bump in the road."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Cain just released his memoir, Don't Stop Believin': The Man, The Band, And The Song That Inspired Generations, a retrospective about his life, faith and career both within and beyond Journey. Cain is the first member of Journey to publish an autobiography. 

Get more information and order the book here

Journey is going on a mega tour this summer with Def Leppard. Cain called it "an honor" to still be able to tour with Journey and enjoy the band's incredible longevity. Get the tour dates here

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