Sonstein Sunday: Landing Up, Greater NY ALS Association

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday: 

When you think of a homeless person In NYC, you probably think of a mentally ill guy ranting at you. But that’s not a complete picture of homelessness in NYC. It’s mostly families- female-led families- living in shelters or cars. Another face of NYC homelessness is portrayed in the VOD and DVD film “Landing Up,” which is the anti-“Pretty Woman.” Stacey Maltin, who produced, wrote and stars, joins me at 7:00 am along with director Dani Tenenbaum and co-star Ben Rappaport. Tragically, the movie’s standout, E’Dena Hines (Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter) was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in NYC a month after the movie wrapped. Senseless.

Dani Tenenbaum, Stacey Maltin, Ben Rappaport

At 7:15 am Ken Dashow guest hosts, highlighting an issue close to his heart. Ken speaks with ALS Association Greater New York Chapter President and CEO Kristen Cocoman. Cocoman’s chapter of the nationwide network raises more than $6 million annually to fund research and support over 800 ALS patients and their families.

Kristen Cocoman

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