Take Me To The Movies: Deadpool 2, Book Club

“Deadpool 2”

It’s far from dead to me but “Deadpool 2” lacks the shock, awe & surprising creativity and irreverence of the first. In comparison, “Deadpool 2” feels a bit forced and bloated with jokes that come out of Ryan Reynolds’ mouth so fast you miss them. And it’s too long at 2 hours...though you should hang in there for the surprises in the credits.

“Deadpool 2” just gave me the feeling that it was trying too hard to best the first. More jokes, more action, more inside jokes (especially aimed at the “X-Men” world.) What I loved was a blink-and-you’ll-miss it cameo. Also, Josh Brolin as the villain Cable. I guess Brolin is this year’s go-to villain since he’s competing against himself as the villain in the #1 for 3 weeks “Avengers: Infinity War.” He was awesome, as was the newest superhero, Domino, whose superpower is “luck”. Zazie Beetz should get her own superhero movie next. What a standout!!!!

Maybe I just expected too much. I loved the first “Deadpool” so much I was hoping for an Oscar nod. Maybe “2” just suffers from the illness that afflicts more than most sophomores of a franchise: sequelitis. Oh well.

2-and-a-half ♥


“Book Club”

I love every actress starring in this comedy and while the film is basically innocuous fluff and harmless entertainment, I wish it wasn’t so predictable and stereotyped. Jane Fonda plays an older version of “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw (how on earth does she look so magnificent at 80???!!!) Co-starring: Candice Bergen (who’s still the best-dry humored actress in the biz), Diane Keaton (who is basically doing Annie Hall at 72) and Mary (sooo natural & down to earth) Steenburgen. Their men: Andy Garcia (one of the best things in the movie), Craig T. Nelson, Richard Dreyfuss (underused in this one) and Don Johnson (who is apparently the Dorian Gray of Hollywood).

“The Book Club” is about a book club of, as they say, women of a certain age, who get so hot and bothered by “50 Shades of Grey” it inspires them to change their lives. Not that all these women are sexless to begin with. It’s a fun casting joke that Don Johnson stars, since his daughter, Dakota, had her career-defining role in the “Shades of Grey” franchise.

The movie isn’t directed by Nancy Meyers, though it sure has the Myers touch when it comes to exquisitely decorated homes and foods. “Book Club” lacks the Myers’ touch in storyline. These women deserve better. But kudos to putting these greats together.

2-and-a-half ♥


“Landing Up”

The director, producer/writer/star and co-star guest @ 7am on “Sonstein Sunday.” It’s the polar opposite version of “Pretty Woman” and not a comedy but a love story centering on a millennial homeless woman in NYC who falls in love after dating men just to get a place to sleep each night. It’s a side of NYC homelessness you may not even know exists. Tragically, it’s also the last movie of Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, who was tragically murdered by her boyfriend a month after this movie wrapped. Sadly, she was the standout in this film- such a talent senselessly lost. As for the movie, I found it sincere but not believable. Its heart is in the right place though. You can see it on VOD & DVD.

2 ♥



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